Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frankie's First needs your help!

Frankie's First seeks to provide students ages pre-k through 12th grade with on-reading-level books they can have in their homes. If you are interested in donating new or like-new books, please let me know. Also, I am in great need of volunteers to level and distribute the books.  Please contact me at mrsgeorgiaamerica2010@gmail.com if you are willing to assist in this great cause!  All students deserve to have books in their homes, and this is especially critical in the upcoming summer months!

I would like to extend a huge thanks to VeinInnovations for collecting books for Frankie's First!  They recently filled up my car with donations!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Snacks

I have received several emails lately requesting suggestions for healthy summer snacks, especially for those of us who have a serious "sweet tooth".  I have tried to balance healthy with practical and tasty.  Here are some ideas to try:

  1. Fruit with light whipped topping (I most enjoy cantelope, berries, or mango), sprinkled with 1 T. granola
  2. Veggies with 1 T. hummus or all-natural pimento cheese (found at Whole Foods)
  3. 1/2 apple or other fruit with 5 almonds or cashews (unsalted, raw)
  4. Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt sweetened with Stevia, mixed with 1/2 cup berries, sprinkled with ground flaxseed (it provides a "nutty" taste and supplies fiber -- it's good, really!)
  5. SUPER YUMMY frozen strawberry treat: In a blender, combine 8-12 ounces of Wyler's sugar-free pink lemonade with a handful of ice cubes and 5 frozen strawberries.  Blend and enjoy.
  6. Graham cracker sandwich: Take a sheet of graham cracker and break it in half. Put 1/4 cup or less of light or fat free cool whip on one cracker, top with the other, wrap in plastic wrap, and freeze.  It makes for a great alternative to a traditional ice cream treat. 
  7. Organic Cliff Kids Z Bar - brownie or chocolate chip can satisify a sweet tooth
Stay tuned for more!  If you have a specific request (such as a substitue for a particular treat), let me know!

Mrs. Minnesota, Mrs. Iowa, Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant

I greatly enjoyed serving as a judge for the Mrs. Minnesota, Mrs. Iowa, and Mrs. Wisconsin Pageant!  Here are the winners along with the newly crowned Mrs. Georgia, Tiffany Marshall. Tiffany went on to the Top 6 at Mrs. America!  Congratulations, Tiffany!

Here are my fellow judges. It was a fantastic panel of people, and I actually miss each one of them!

I had a fraction of a minute to catch up with my roommate from Mrs. America, Brianna!