Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mrs. America - The final moments!

Late last night, I returned from one of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime. At Mrs. America, I met 50 of our nation's most phenomenal women who are daily exercising their talents as they serve in their families, jobs, and communities. Whether she be a doctor, attorney, fitness trainer, teacher, parole officer, or stay at home mom, each and woman was incredibly impressive. It was not just their careers or accolades, but their sweet spirits that made them so endearing and inspiring. I was honored to be among them and hope to continue my friendship with them for many years to come.

Here are a few pictures from the final days!

Aunt Bessie and Uncle Phil arrived on Saturday night. It was great to see some familiar faces!

Whoops! Watch the dress! This is my dancing team - Team 2!

Mrs. Hawaii and I became great friends over the week!

Mrs. Indiana won Most Photogenic!

Our choreographers Frit and Frat

Costume rehearsal - more (complete) costume pictures to come later!

Mom, Dad, and Dan arrived on Sunday. I was soooo excited to see them!

Monday morning MENC meeting - Mrs. District of Columbia became a great friend of mine!

Mrs. Wisconsin and I shared the same make-up and hair artists. We LOVE Gary and Jamie!

My eyes after Jamie performed her magic!
A fun look for rehearsals!

At least I was not alone! I think about 40 girls had their hair in rollers or curls that day!

My director, Carl, and I after preliminary competition night.

Mr. and Mrs. Georgia

My family!
My sister-in-laws Lisa and Loni arrived in time for Prelims. I am so glad they came!

Mrs. America 2009

This was taken backstage after Finals. We all (Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) have the same directors, Carl and Faith.

Love, love, that husband of mine.

My directors, Carl and Faith

Rosalie, a former Mrs. Arizona and one of my bridesmaids!

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