Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bootcamp for Books: A Great Way to Bring in the New Year and Help Get Books to Students in Need!

LaLona Richards is not your average personal trainer. She is the reigning Mrs. Georgia 2010, the winner of Georgia Fitness Award, and a woman on a mission to fight illiteracy.

According to a new survey, illiteracy is viewed as the greatest threat to our children's future. The United Nations defines illiteracy as "the inability to read and write a simple sentence." In 2000, one in five adults aged 15+ was illiterate.

Frankie’s First is a foundation started by LaLona to raise money for books that will be distributed to the homes of students in need ages pre-K through 12th grade. About 15 million children, one out of every four, live below the official poverty line. Frankie’s First believes that all children, despite their socio-economic background, deserve to have books to read at home.
LaLona met Frankie while serving as a 7th grade teacher in rural Arizona. Frankie was a eager student who desperately wanted to read, but her family could not afford books. This experience planted the idea for Frankie’s First in 2002, and has directed LaLona’s career path of teacher and literacy consultant for the past eight years.  Frankie's First and fighting childhood obesity are LaLona's platforms as Mrs Georgia.

LaLona’s primary way of raising money for Frankie’s First is through “Bootcamp for Books”. LaLona and several other degreed fitness professionals are now offering Buckhead’s only indoor bootcamp.  “Bootcamp for Books” will meet several times a day at IQ Fitness in Buckhead, and 100 % of all profits go to Frankie's First. The bootcamps will start the first week of December and run until the first week in February.  Each class is limited to four clients, ensuring proper assessment, individualized programs, and constant personal attention.
To take advantage of this unique opportunity to get in fabulous shape while helping students in need, please visit or email today! You can also follow her nutrition and fitness tips on this blog. 

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