Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LaLona and Big Peach Running Company Do Outreach at Cross Keys High School

What is better than getting free breakfast, a free t-shirt, free socks, and TWO free pairs of shoes?  
Getting it all while be waited on hand and foot by Mrs. Georgia America!  

The cross country team of Cross Keys High School spent their Saturday morning being fitted for new shoes while I went around to each student individually and signed a personalized autograph.  

The event was sponsored by Big Peach Running Company, definitely Atlanta's finest in fitting you for the best shoe for your foot!  Their experienced staff and several volunteers selected the right fit and handed out shoes donated by Mizuno, Saucony, Kigo, and others! They were joined by Sweet Tomatoes Catering and Honest Tea.  Although I was advertised as the visiting celebrity, the true celebrity was Leonel Ayala, State Champion runner! 

Eager for running tips, I spent much of my time learning from him and others in attendance about how to improve my speed and endurance level.  The team is made up of a very inspiring, respectful, hardworking group of young people with whom I immediately started forming a connection. Their coaches asked me to return after the Mrs.America pageant and take the team through a cross-training day of practice, and I was delighted to accept.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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