Monday, August 9, 2010

This was an eventful week!

This was an eventful week!  Brendan, Hadley, and I spent Monday at the zoo with one of my closest friends and her three kids.  It was an overcast day constantly threatening rain, which deterred many people from coming; we felt like we nearly had the place to ourselves!  All of the animals that are usually hiding in the shade were out to say hello, and Brendan was especially intrigued by the three-week old baby giraffe!

Tuesday morning I headed to the Atlanta Speech School for a meeting on upcoming middle school professional development sessions, and then spent the afternoon solidifying one of my new, fantastic sponsors – Vein Innovations!  Check out their link on this page for more information.

With deadlines looming, I dedicated Wednesday and Thursday to finalizing my paperwork for Mrs. America and talking with my designer to nail down details for the state costume I will wear on stage for opening number.  Randall , I am so excited to be working with you!

Friday was filled with friends and family fun, as we spent the afternoon swimming at a friend’s pool and reuniting with a friends that had moved away recently.  Dan miraculously got home early that night (He is a corporate tax accountant, so he works long hours right now.), and we were able to spend time playing make-believe with Brendan and Hadley before they headed off to bed. There is nothing better than the whole family in one room acting like kids!  We topped the night off by putting the computers and phones away and snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie.  Ahh… that so important for maintaining balance!
We all enjoyed a  1 and 3 year olds’ birthday parties this morning, and then I spent the afternoon helping Brendan make a cake from scratch (He loves to cook!), and chasing Hadley around the house whenever he would take off his pants and diaper (Ugh. I hope this phase ends soon).  Dan should be home from work any minute, so the whole house is getting excited to see Daddy!  We are looking forward to a relaxing Saturday night and Sunday.

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