Friday, August 13, 2010

LaLona's Fitness Tip #1: Jumpstart Your Workout

Fitness Tip #1:
Did you know that in a normal cardio workout where a person walks or runs at a consistent pace, it takes twenty minutes just to enter the fat-burning stage?  That means if you are only running for 30 minutes, you burn fat for a very short period of time!  To burn more fat more quickly, you need to jumpstart your workout.  

Try this out:
Walk for 2-5 minutes
Sprint for 2 minutes
Walk for 30 seconds
Sprint for 1 minute
Repeat the walk for 30 seconds/sprint for 1 minute routine until you reach the 15 minute mark (approximately 10 minutes of this interval training). Then, continue your cardio workout as you normally would.  You will see much faster results!

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